Tips & Tricks

  • Always make sure that the bowl is not cracked when soups or very moist food is served in a munch bowl.
  • Store bowls sealed in a cool dry place.
  • If needed to freshen-up or restore crispness, place in oven for 3-5 minutes at 70' -100'C.
  • If the bowl has not been eaten simultaneously with the dished food, then finish the balance of the bowl with a tasty dip.
  • Great for picnics.... no extra bread or plates needed.
  • Great for Mexican evenings or kiddies parties... no dishes, no detergents, no waste!
  • Dip top of sweet bowl in melted chocolate or paint inside with melted chocolate.
  • Bake quiches in small 150ml plain bowls or bake muffins/tarts in the 150ml sweet bowls.
  • Paint inside of bowl with melted butter & let it cool down before filling with food, should you need to make the bowl last for more than a day.
  • Give leftover bowls to pets... they will love you for it!